We were able to get up to 7X RPE! That was our best month so far. On average, we are hitting 5X to 7X RPE.



Being a B2C client, they were looking to acquire repeat buyers though email marketing. Their challenge was they had tried to set up their own email marketing ows and campaigns, but were not hitting their target rates on sales and conversions.
They were paying more than what the industry standard was per customer. Standard was around $15-$20



We worked with ALR to rst identify their buyer prole – things like their age, wealth, their interests, etc. We tested our assumptions and developed strategic messaging to target these customer.



Improved Email Copy & Image Creatives

We’ve taken what worked for American Legend Rider before and improved emails with new copy, images and tested out a lot of different variants until we’ve found a few that had the highest conversion rate.

Integrated Social Media Presence

After noticing the brand had a heavy organic social media presence on Instagram and Facebook, we decided to include links to those pages and include some of their posts in our email copy. This was done to improve brand loyalty, by adding another channel for customers on our emailing list.

Created multiple retargeting campaigns

We were able to hit 10x+ RPE by retargeting to different audiences (based on the stage they were in) we’ve had different offers for people who just visited, added to cart and initiated checkout.

Identied top-performing demographics & time of day

Reviewed site analytics and identied topperforming age, gender, and time of day. We’ve used this information to create additional email sets and automated ows which target those VIPs.

Created a Brand-specic campaign

schedule We’ve provided a ton of suggestions, working with their design team to create a content schedule that t the brand specically. In this case, we implemented ‘Bike of the Week’ and ‘Meme of the Week’, as well as expanding blog posting and event-centered sales.